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Different Types of Phobia Treatments

The exact causes of phobia are still not established. Recent studies show that it is likely due to many factors such as brain chemistry, genetics, environmental triggers, and acquired behavior.
As a result, the most effective treatments are often those that can address two or more of these factors. At present, there are two main theories for phobia treatments, based on varying beliefs concerning the nature of this illness.

The medical treatment focuses on the brain chemistry and genetics factors of phobias. Medications are given in an effort to balance brain chemicals. At present, there are different types of medication for phobias. Patients who opt for medications in treating their phobias must consult a psychiatrist or other doctors for getting the most appropriate medical prescription.

There are many professionals who hold the belief that the most significant causes of phobias are learned behaviors and environmental triggers. Their argument is that phobia is a learned response to a certain stimulus. The best way to cure phobia then is to unlearn this response and acquire a more rational reactions. This model prefers therapy over medication as a form of treatment.
However, most phobia sufferers can receive the best help through a combination of medication and therapy treatments.  Many psychiatrists don't usually perform therapy treatment for phobia. So psychiatrists and therapists frequently have referral networks to meet both needs of their clients. There are also mental health institutes who have a variety of mental health professionals on staff so that they can provide their clients any type of treatment they need.

Alternative treatments
More and more, mental health specialists and patients make use of alternative treatments to supplement the traditional way of phobia treatment. While these treatments have not yet gone through to rigorous and controlled training, many people find help through alternative means. Unquestionably, the advice and guidance of a mental health professional should be sought before engaging in any alternative treatment.