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If you are in need of emergency assistance please call the Lifeline on 13 11 44.

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Here are a few steps you can take to find a suitable therapist:

1. Consult your friends, relatives and acquaintances

If you know some one from the circle of your friends, family or relatives who has received or is receiving treatment from a therapist, contact him/her to know their views. This will save you from lots of trial and errors and waste of time.

2. Consult your family doctor or teacher

Doctors are more aware of their counterparts in other streams of medical discipline. Your family doctor is surely a more trustworthy specialist in recommending the right therapist for your individual problem.

Most schools employ psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors or therapists to assist the students. Talk with your old teacher or the teacher of your child and ask for their recommendation.

3. Contact the health and welfare office of your company

Most good companies employ psychiatrists or therapists for the welfare of their employees. You may consult someone from the human resource department of office of the company and seek their guidance in finding the right therapist. But you have to be cautious that some of these companies have their own panel of therapists and you may get someone one on their list.

4. Get recommendation from the therapists association in your city

Every major city has a branch of the state or national level association of psychotherapists with a huge membership of highly qualified and experienced therapists. There are several such associations or organizations in Australia. Some of the prominent associations are: Psychology Board of Australia, State and Territory Psychology Registration Board, The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), Australian Psychological Society (APS), Counseling Federation of Australia or PACFA, Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists, Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy and many more. You can contact any one of them, tell your problem and seek their recommendation for some therapist suited to your needs.