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Marriage Counselling - Does it really Help?

The most common idea that enters our mind when we hear the word marriage counselling is relationship fixing or marriage strengthening. Many couples nowadays cling on to such counselling. They adhere to the idea that marriage grows stronger when more people give them advices.  For the olden days, counsellors may be the elders, church leaders or even the parents; but these days, we have whom we call Marriage and Family therapist. Whether the counsellor is from the ancient or from today, is marriage counseling really helpful? It is indeed. Let us find out how.
Initially, why do couples seek for counselling? Basically, when something went wrong with their relationship or when they feel that they just don't find the sense of being married to each other. By the time pressure surrounds them, counseling is one of the ways one of them would think is necessary. Many couples attempt to fix their problems by themselves and only few would be able to get through it. Why? This is because of pride. It is difficult for one, either the husband or the wife, to admit that it is his or her fault when he or she knows that his or her partner has his or her fault too, and either of them is waiting for the other to give in.  In such case, counseling is necessary.
The main purposes of counseling is to bring couples into closer ties, to resolve problems on hand, and to revive the relationship's peak of its being one. A married life is supposed to be a sacred and respected stage of life and that it is what this counseling aims to preserve. It is alright to resolve couples' misunderstandings by themselves but it is always better if an experienced individual or group would have their way on these matters.
Marriage counselling is indeed a demand in our society first, because it serves its purpose. Many couples are proven thankful for the benefit of having successful married life brought by couple counselors. Second, many couples lasted longer because through the process of counseling, they realized that their relationship is bigger than any of the shortcomings each of their partner has. Such achievement of couples may not be possible if counseling never existed before them. That is why, in the day of the wedding itself, it has already prevailed.