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Psychotherapist vs. Psychologist

Psychology is a very wide and interesting field in science as it relies less on objective cues bur more on the mental insights, function, and behavior of an individual. This is why those who have had some sessions with a psychologist often find themselves talking a lot about their problems. In fact, this is the essence of psychology. It helps to understand what's going on inside the human mind.

Some individuals have been trained to give advice, to listen to your problems, and to help uplift your feelings. These people may or may not be experts or licensed in managing the situations. Some of them may even just be individuals whose work relies heavily on conversing with other people. Examples of this type of people are the social workers. Yet there are also those who have been highly trained and had an in-depth study on how the human mind functions. These individuals may be psychologists or psychotherapists.

Psychologists are individuals who have studied the field of psychology extensively. They devote many years to obtain their degree and a title in their field of specialization. The role of a psychologist is to listen, understand, and attempts to get to the bottom of what is happening inside the mind of his client by conducting a one-on-one sessions. He may also attempt to interpret or explain behaviors based on a person's own personality.

Meanwhile, a psychotherapist is a professional with both psychological and psychiatric training, but is more likely to use counselling and behavior modification in treating his clients. One of the major tools that a psychotherapist often employs is talk therapy through which he encourages his client to express any fears, concerns, thoughts, or traumatic experiences without any fear of public judgement or exposure. It is not the goal of a psychotherapist to try to force a client to take a solution, but to provide him a safe environment in which he can analyse his problems with the assistance of a counsellor.