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When Online Counselling Becomes Necessary

Online counselling is a fast growing industry through which some people seek therapy. Therapists and companies providing these services may have various options as to how to make online counselling accessible to their patients. This type of therapy can be done in various ways such as chats, email, or online calls.
Online therapy is most suitable for those who don't have an access to a local therapist or who don't want to meet with a therapist in person for a host of reasons. Reasons may include difficulties in scheduling, absence of counsellors in remote areas, feeling of awkwardness in seeking counselling or high cost of therapy.  In general, many people find online counselling to be less costly than in-person therapy.  It also allows individuals to keep their appointment from the comfort of their home at almost any time of the day, thus making it a more convenient option. Lastly, this is a great support tool for those who want to receive comments from professionals while processing and resolving their daily concerns.
While online counselling may be very beneficial and provides a lot of practical applications, it is not suitable in trying to help individuals whose physical well-being is at risk or whose sense of reality is damaged or distorted significantly. Because of this, online counselling should not be used for people who have plans or thoughts of self-injury or suicide; suffering from any kind of abuse; experiencing delusions, hallucinations or other reality damaging symptoms,  going through personality disorders; suffering from eating disorders or substance abuse. These conditions involving some form of mental illness are best treated through an in person therapy where a therapist can observe the individuals for potential risk. Moreover, a person cannot receive a diagnosis as well as medication prescription through on-line counselling.